Coaching Services

With a combined foundation of holistic psychotherapy, deep transformational coaching, and energy psychology techniques (including EFT tapping), sessions offer an opportunity to connect deeply with desired ways of being first from which clear, courageous action is simply known.

While more traditional forms of "coaching" focus on creating action plans to reach our goals, transformational coaching and counseling facilitates a gentle shift into authentic ways of being first from which clear, courageous action is simply known

We have all experienced varying degrees of pain and confusion from loosing touch with who we are. When we are disconnected from our emotional experience and deeper-held desires, life tends to take on a lifeless quality. We may feel apathetic, unmotivated, anxious or depressed. We may turn to external entertainment to fulfill us, distract us, and create meaning for us. We may follow the path others have laid out for us all the while loosing touch with our own inborn guidance system ready to show us the way.

Finding our way through any personal challenge or hardship begins with creating space for the inner work calling for our attention. Creating easeful, efficient movement in our lives asks that we slow down, get present and cultivate the courage and curiosity to meet whatever is arising within us for healing, release and integration.

True power has nothing to do with control or force. Rather, to feel truly powerful means being in harmony and integrity with our deepest desires and truth. Creating a life of meaningful relationships and work that is honest, fulfilling and reflective of who we really are.

Rachael is my go-to person in times of difficulty, pain and questioning. Her knowledge, wisdom, deep understanding, kindness and humor have helped me weather the storms of life for many years. She cares deeply for her clients and her coaching, teaching and guidance are priceless.
— Alex S

How It Differs

While there are many different healing modalities to choose from, Transformational Coaching & Counseling services uniquely:

Honors a natural unfolding process of change.

Instead of striving for results or fixing a perceived problem, Deep Transformational Coaching recognizes the natural contraction and expansion cycle inherent to growth. That which is organically arising is held in valuable service of healing and authentic embodiment.

Uses silence to expand self awareness.

Silence is embraced as an invaluable tool for accessing intuition and allowing a deeper degree of processing and integration.

GoEs below the surface to get to essence.

Deep Transformational Coaching is invested in the heart of the matter. Surface-level drama is briefly attended to in favor of connecting to one’s experience on the level of body, emotions, and energy.

Client Outcomes

Though everyone’s personal growth process is unique, the majority of clients who work with me experience greater:

Rachael creates a truly safe space to assist in finding my own solutions and transforming issues in life. The process brought me to tears, laughter and helped find a path to healing. Her service is unique and invaluable.
— Rhonda B


The state of being whole and undivided. Alignment between one’s values, thoughts, feelings, and choices. Staying true to one’s word.


Being open, and genuine about feelings of the heart, mind, body and soul. Trust without self judgement or fear of reaction and judgment from others. Removing the masks one wears in favor of relating with an undefended heart.  


The ability to do something that frightens one. Making the riskier choice and doing that which is less comfortable to experience the energy, embodiment, and aliveness of growth and expansion.


The essential reality. What we are born with. Knowing oneself and all others as love. Feeling the unified nature of life. Giving love generously and receiving love graciously. Resting in the knowing that love heals and takes care of all.