Holding Space for Transformation

An 8-Week Online Facilitator Program

Learn to create and sustain powerful spaces that transfigure the mind and soul.

This course is for anyone who desires to encourage the potentials in others by creating spaces which shift consciousness. Holding space is not a detached state of being, it is about mindful, conscious, active engagement. A held space is filled with potentials waiting to be sensed and acted on.

If you are drawn to supporting personal and spiritual growth and the emergence of awakened consciousness in which increased self-awareness, presence, compassion, love, and authentic connection prevail, there will be something in this course for you.

Learn more about the program and register for an upcoming training here.

To bring an in-person Holding Space for Transformation talk or training to your company or community, please connect with me directly.


Ideal for a wide range of vocations including:

  • Yoga practitioners

  • Retreat and workshop leaders

  • Therapists or counselors

  • Healers

  • Body workers

  • Community and business leaders

  • Helping professionals