A warm welcome to my practice.

My greatest intention, and life's work, is to create safe and sacred spaces within which people may heal.

I believe healing and transformation happen not by doing, but by being. By being more of our essential nature, or the part of us that is connected to all of life and that allows and trusts the natural unfolding of our own unique journey.

Transformational coaching and counseling is a process of weaving through our inner landscape of experiences to arrive home at the core of who we are. By connecting to our intrinsic nature - our innate wholeness - we can better hear the voice of our intuition that is always guiding us towards greater expression and service.

Tell me, who are you beyond the roles, pressures, and expectations that life demands of you?

Do you wish to know what is in your heart and how this truth wants to be expressed?

Are you ready to come home to yourself?

I believe in your profoundly wise guidance system. I know that by taking the time to slow down and connect with your deepest truth, that your state of being and day to day experience of life will be wildly transformed. I commit that together, we will honor and actualize the perfect next step on your path towards growth and wellbeing. 

Are you ready to experience greater peace, clarity, and confidence regarding yourself, your life, and your purpose?

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Rachael Starr Bruck, LMHC

Rachael Starr Bruck, LMHC

Rachael is a container for love. In her presence, you are held in love, acceptance and warmth. You are seen as the perfect creature that you are. The simple act of being with Rachael will transform your heart. You will begin to accept and love yourself on all levels.
— Eugenia K
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