Masters in Counseling Psychology - Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

Certificate in Deep Transformational Coaching - Center for Transformational Coaching (CTC)

Learning Leader: Holding Space for Transformation Facilitator Program - (CTC)

Energy Psychology Training Level I & II - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Long Beach, CA


My Journey of Self-Love

As the only child to two open-minded, hippy-esque parents growing up in Berkeley California, the invitation and opportunity to dive deep into my body, psyche and soul arrived very early on. 

Spirituality was energetically woven into the fabric of my family culture. My father practiced mediation daily and read books by Paramahansa Yogananda. My mother attended workshops with spirit channels and taught me about the Enneagram and reincarnation. While we were secular Jews, I felt the doorway to connect with something bigger than myself was wide open in my home. 

Battling illness as a baby, I received a serious diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune disorder at the age of sixteen. For the next twenty years, I dedicated the majority of my attention and energy on comprehensively healing and radical self-love. Though my road of trials left me exhausted, doubtful, and on my knees at times, it bore unimaginable resiliency and became the driving force guiding me "home” to the refuge and wellspring of my deepest knowing and purest essence. 

My expansive capacity to hold space for you comes from a lifetime of learning that love brings light to any dark place.

Because we are never done evolving, I continue passionately engaging in personal growth experiences to support and enliven my own transformation - and thus, yours.